We get hundreds of questions every month via Instagram. Here I put together all the most common questions we get. I have a question time on my Instagram once a month. But you can ask questions whenever you want. Either via my Instagram or email. 


Q.    How many rubber ducks do you have?

Around 70 at the moment and they are constantly increasing.

Q.    Favorite place to be petted?

The head, back and near the tail.

Q.    Have you ever thought of having a 3rd cat?

Yes I have. But I don´t want to risk Cooper and Kiras friendship with a third cat. 

Q.    Are you single?

This is the most common question I get. And yes, im single.

Q.    Do you HCM scan them yearly?

Not yearly, every two years. 

Q.    How old are you and your cats?

I was born 1983 and Cooper and Kira 2012. 

Q.    Biggest differnce between the two?

First of all, Kira a Cornish Rex and Cooper a Sphynx. But the biggest difference is the energy level. Cooper 1000% and Kira 100% energy.

Q.    What´s your cats favorite treat?

Freeze dried food, like chicken and fish.

Q.    What are they afraid of?

Both are afraid on the vet. Cooper is just afraid of the vet. Kira is afraid of all other animals, except Cooper.

Q.    Are they hyperallergenic?

I have friends who are allergic to cats, and they are just fine around Cooper and Kira. My suggestion is to first meet a naked cat. To see if you are allgergic.

Q.    Do they get cold more easier than other cats?

Yes, but they compensate for it with higher body temperature.

Q.    Why do you have to brush their teeth?

Just like humans should brush their teeth 1-2 times per day, it´s the same with a cat.

Q.    Why do you like cats? 

Because of their personality.

Q.    Is Cooper´s love of water rare? 

There are many cats that accept water. But Cooper is crazy in water. Thats rare.

Q.    Does Cooper need sunblock in the summer? 

No sunblock. At first we are outdoor short periods. And after a while we increase the time. Lika humans he build up his own protection against the sun.

Q.    Do Sphynx cats have whiskers?

Some have and others have not. Cooper have no whiskers.

Q.    Are hairless cats hard to keep and maintain? 

I have nothing to compare with. But I think Cooper and Kira are very easy to maintain.

Q.    What toys do they have? 

Humans and some catnip.

Q.    How often to you bathe them? 

Cooper twice a month and Kira once a year.

Q.    What intrigued you to towards the Sphynx breed? 

That they are very social and that I dont need to vacuum the whole time.

Q.    How did you decide their names? 

Cooper after Sheldon Cooper in "The big bang theory". And my ex girlfriend chose Kira.

Q.    Is their skin smooth to touch? 

They feel like a peach.

Q.    Why do you love animals so much? 

I think animals are the most important thing there is. Animals give us so much joy and love.

Q.    How do Cooper and Kira stay so fit? 

Right food and not too much food. Cooper and Kira play alot. Sometimes they can run for hours.

Q.    Do they have different favorite foods? 

Cooper is allergic so he can only eat one type of food. And Kira is picky so she eats almost nothing. But both love boiled cod.

Q.    Any tips for giving a cat a bath? 

Don´t do it unless the cat likes it. And use bubbles and hot water.

Q.    Out of the two, who talks the most? 

Cooper 95% and Kira 5%.

Q.    Can a Sphynx be an only cat? 

Very individual. If you are at home a lot, it can certainly work. But that didn´t work for Cooper.