Welcome to our life!

I hope you like our website. Here I will post all interviews and articles that we are part of. My idea is that I translate as many as possible into English. But there will be some in Swedish as well. You will also find my FAQ from Instagram here. My blog will be updated a few times a year, there I will write about what my followers suggest. If you have any questions, write to me on Instagram or email me.
Love Niklas, Cooper and Kira.

Cooper, Kira & jag

The book.

My book, "Cooper, Kira och jag : Två katters guide till att läka en människa" (Cooper, Kira & me - Two cats guide to healing a human), will be available for pre-order in Sweden from January 2024 (If it sells well, there is a good chance that it will be translated to english). Everyone who pre-orders will receive a signed copy. I will sign with a pen, while Cooper and Kira will sign with their paw prints. The book will be released in March 2024.