Niklas, Cooper and Kira

My name is Niklas Lundström and I live in south Sweden with my two cats Cooper and Kira. Cooper is a Sphynx and Kira is a Cornish Rex. Cooper and Kira were born in 2012.

I have never had a cat before, but my ex girlfriend wanted to get a cat. I made two demands, one being a social cat and two not having to vacuum all of the time. Therefore, the choice became easy to choose a Sphynx. Kira moved in 6 months later. Cooper couldn't be alone, so Kira had to join him.

As of today we are 96 000 followers on Instagram. Our videos have been streamed for millions around the world. Especially Cooper's bath videos. There have also been a number of articles about how Cooper and Kira help me every day with my anxiety. 

Former columnist at the cat magazine "Kattliv". There I wrote about our daily life. 

Our goal is to not only to spread joy, but also to be more open when it comes to mental illness.