The cat who didn't know he was a cat

On our Instagram, I usually joke that Cooper comes from another planet. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not true. That cat has no cat instincts whatsoever and really can’t speak cat language. I’m doubtful he even identifies himself as a cat.

How cats greet each other, he has no idea. That you first keep a little distance to check the situation and then approach slowly but surely. Instead, Cooper rushes up to other cats without any thought of how to behave properly. Usually the other cat is completely terrified and either hisses or flees from him. And there stands Cooper, completely bewildered, wondering what he did wrong. Becuase in his world there are no enemies, only potential new friends. But reality in the cat world doesn’t quite look like that.

He also doesn’t understand that he should hate water. Thousands of years ago, cats were desert animals and probably had no idea what water was. On Cooper’s planet there was probably plenty of water considering his love for H₂O. The eternal search for water goes on every day at home in the apartment in southern Sweden. Usually it’s enough to start a tap and he comes running across the apartment floor to stick his paw into the stream in the next second.

His absolute best day is “Cooper’s Day” as our followers call it. That day means bath day for the naked cat and always falls on a Sunday. Sometimes I think Cooper has a hidden calendar somewhere in the apartment where he can see when it’s time to bathe. Because on Cooper’s Day I can sometimes find him sitting in front of the bathtub. There he sits nicely waiting for the tap to start and the bathtub to fill.

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day. But not Cooper, his energy never runs out. When he was younger, I bought automatic toys for him to play with on his own. These were to be a complement when I did not have time to be a play leader. Automatic laser pointers, automatic feather wands and various tracks with balls were purchased. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out quite as I had imagined. He went up to the automatic laser pointer and hit it in protest every time, eventually the vandal had destroyed it. The same fate befell the feather wand, which he tore apart in just a few days. He just looked sourly at those fun tracks with balls and then walked away and stared sourly at me instead. If he didn’t get any attention then, I could hear a pot falling from the windowsill straight onto the floor a minute later. Then he knew that the attention rose to 100%.

Another thing that has convinced my followers that Cooper can’t possibly be from Earth is how he handles situations that most cats strongly dislike. When I upload videos of brushing his teeth, clipping his nails, and cleaning his ears, some people can hardly believe it’s true. A cat that sits completely still and enjoys the ‘terrible’ treatment simply surprises many. But in my world, it’s normal for him to sit nicely while the toothbrush glides over his teeth.

Maybe some of my thousands of followers are right that he comes from the Naked Cat Planet. For me, it doesn’t matter where he comes from. I’m just happy that he’s on Earth with me and brightens my life every day.